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Referral Rewards for Professional IT Service Providers

MicroCom seeks responsible computer service center & IT support firms, resellers, and other technologists who, first of all, provide exceptional service and customer care, and secondly, from time to time have clients in need of data recovery service.  Macintosh, Linux & Windows: the Big 3 of OS If you can claim to be within the above described category, then you already know that this need occurs as an unexpected emergency, most frequently when a hard drive develops a fault and it turns out this same drive contains the only viable copy of a client's data.  What MicroCom has to offer, especially in those cases where the disk has functionally failed, is the means to minimize risk to the safety of your client's data, rescue it from disaster, make you look like a hero, and earn value for all concerned.  It's a program we call DRP: our Data Recovery Partner program.

Data Recovery Partner referral flyers
Attractive counter-top flyer display makes client referrals really easy.

Become A DRP Member!  The most profitable members of MicroCom’s DRP program are already accomplished data recovery specialists in their own right, actively marketing their service and using software applications to deal with customer cases of data loss where hard disk drives are electronically operable, and not seriously failing mechanically.  So whether your company is just starting – or already staffed with seasoned pros, you can begin ramping up your own data recovery enterprise today.  You can add to your current revenue stream with virtually zero added investment.

As a first-tier, full-service data recovery firm with no other business interest to dull our senses, MicroCom has facilities that include all the disk drive hardware instrumentation and cleanroom environment requisite for safe, HDA remediation.  And, it's all operated only by data recovery engineers with advanced expertise.  Subcontractors are never employed by MicroCom, and this enables the highest security for your client’s data.  Dedicated only to data recovery and providing world-class, end-to-end support since 1989, we have no other business interest to blur our focus.
MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
      ...can be your long-term partner in successfully expanding your data recovery service offerings — from a nascent startup, all the way through the level where you can confidently offer recovery service on complex RAID server subsystems, where your reward payouts tend to be substantial.

Here's everything you need to create new revenue . . .
Explain to prospective clients how  the service process works
Full detail brochure on the MicroCom DRP program (for you)
Counter-top hand-out (for prospective clients)
BENEFITS to DRP Program Members
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Application for DRP Member  — easy download, easy fill

MicroCom experience spans nearly the entire history of microcomputer ("Winchester" disk) hard drives.  Staying on top of the rapid technological evolution from the earliest times 20 years ago, we've created an enviable reputation within the industry.  So make sure your own clients and customers keep a smile on their faces.  No matter where you go, you will not find a higher level of expertise or client attention to partner up with or to stake your own service reputation on . . .

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IT Resources and Data Storage

MicroCom recommends* these excellent resources for your data storage, information technology, and general computing requirements:

Mexico's Premier Computer Source PC City
La Tienda de Cómputo más Especializada,
desde 1990 — representing MicroCom thoughout México since 2001:  Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.
MacTalk for Macintosh MacTalk
The Computer Gallery - Macintosh
Apple's "WorldWide Best Store - 2000"
service in Woodland Hills & Ventura, California.
Unitek Information Technologies
Authorized sales and service for Macintosh & PCs — across the nation with three primary locations in California:  Los Angeles, Encino & Pasadena.
Advanced Business Innovations, Inc. Advanced Business Innovations, Inc.
Managing speed, longevity and the maximum return on your technology investment; three ABI professionals are assigned to every client:  Western Los Angeles & Eastern Ventura County areas.
Earth Oasis Computers Earth Oasis
Earth Oasis Computers offers PC & Mac service, consulting & coaching; a one-on-one personal computer company, founded in 1997:  La Cañada Flintridge, San Fernando & San Gabriel Valleys.
Netready Systems Netready Systems
Offers businesses a single-source provider for voice, data and network support — desktops, servers, backup and recovery, covering all aspects of network infrastructure; we serve as a one-stop solution to a diverse range of businesses all over Southern California; founded 1995.
Guide to Greater Los Angeles and
Southern California

Internationl Child Abuse Network

MicroCom is proud to support & offer our commendations to:
The International Child Abuse Network.

MicroCom Applause:

" ... recovery seemed almost impossible because the electronic hardware had been submerged for more than three days following the flood of May 8, 1995. We are grateful for the data recovered..."
Sister RoseMary Penouilh @ Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Data Recovery
MicroCom Legal Partner
Computer Forensics
When you need a RAID Data Recovery expert, MC RAID will come to the rescue.

Check us out on

Expert Witness and Forensic Digital Discovery Services.

Post Data Recovery Assistance & Other Quality Resources

*DISCLAIMER:  The websites listed on this page and on all linked partner pages are presented here by MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery as a free resource and in no way implies or constitutes endorsement of any kind.  While every effort has been made to include only high quality links to reputable, related companies and services, MicroCom is not affiliated with these organizations and can accept no responsibility for the content of publications or services rendered by these entities.

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" ... Thank you for recovering the data off my crashed hard drive. You saved a year and a half of agency policies and procedures from having to be reconstructed. You saved me from pulling out any more hair than was absolutely necessary...

While everyone hopes they never, ever need a data recovery company, we have now been rescued by the best... And please know that, beyond our sincere thank you, we will surely recommend your services to anyone requiring your expertise."

Frannie Mathews @ Dubnoff Center for Child Services

MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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